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Does your refrigeration mechanic have specialist Commercial Refrigeration knowledge and expertise? There is a huge difference across different the types of refrigeration fields and having the specialist knowledge for your type of refrigeration is what separates the men from the boys! At SRA all we do is commercial refrigeration - Nothing else. No air-conditioning, No domestic fridges. Just Commercial Refrigeration. This allows SRA and our fridge mechanics to be at the very top of our game because we are constantly working on the type of refrigeration that is found in the commercial industry.

SRA has the expert knowledge required for all Coolroom and Freezer Room repairs, installations, and design. We also repair under bench fridges, display cabinets, ice machines and upright fridges and freezers to name a few. If your business wants the best operation of your commercial refrigeration equipment then the choice is clear. SRA are your experts in commercial refrigeration and we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.


Fridge & Freezer We are the Fridge & Freezer experts and can guide you in the best for your needs.

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