Freezer Rooms Perth

Freezer Rooms Perth

A walk in freezer room is a massive investment in your business. SRA Commercial Refrigeration design, install, service and maintain walk in freezer rooms.

SRA Commercial Refrigeration has been in business for more than 25 years, we started out as a repair company because we are so good at repairing freezers. We began to get involved in the design of new freezers because we saw an opportunity to improve on the performance and reliability of what other refrigeration manufacturers had been doing. It was a natural next step from designing to installing new freezer rooms and we proudly maintain them. This is why SRA are the freezer experts. SRA are the complete one-stop shop.

Nobody wants a melted ice cream! Over the many years of attending emergency breakdowns of freezer rooms, I can honestly tell you that it is a fridge mechanic's most stressful task. You see, when a freezer room has a breakdown the fridge mechanic has to get the freezer room repaired very quickly or the products will defrost and spoil.

At SRA our fridge mechanics are the freezer room experts. In our service vehicles we have all the common freezer parts like fan motors, thermostats, gas, and tv valves. We are usually able to get the freezer room up and running very quickly. Freezer room breakdowns are an absolute priority for our business - if your freezer room breaks down call SRA and you will be given priority access to our highly skilled refrigeration mechanics who are experts in repairing freezer rooms.

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