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You will find a coolroom in over 75% of food and hospitality locations around Perth. Coolrooms are a fantastic and almost necessary part of business for many industries, but not all coolrooms are built the same. The old saying of “you get what you paid for” most definitely applies to coolrooms as many owners of cheap coolrooms will tell you, after 12-18 months the signs of cheap construction like rust and peeling paint on the panels and doors to premature faults and failure of cheap refrigeration systems and components will become very evident.

We strive to offer the best quality coolroom construction and machinery that will provide many years of reliable service to your business and is fully customised to suit your needs and applications. Its the extra bit service and care from SRA that makes the difference to the end product.

SRA Recommends that a coolroom should NEVER be built on just a price point because its only going to cost you in the long run. Many Coolrooms are built for mixed use storage but there are many varieties of coolroom which are built for particular applications like meat storage or for keeping flowers in. Both of these things are very different but they both require the same high humidity storage environment to stay fresh and ready for sale. SRA Commercial Refrigeration has all this expert knowledge (and more!) of what coolroom is best suited for you and your business so call us today.


Repairs We know what your business wants. That is why we are the Coolroom experts
Sales We are the coolroom experts and can guide you in the best for your needs.
Design Custom made to all shapes and sizes: we are the coolroom design experts
Maintenance SRA has the experts to keep your coolroom running smoothly

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