Underbench Fridges Perth

Underbench Fridges Perth

Underbench Fridge Repair Experts in Perth.

Underbench fridges not only used food business but are also in used in bars, pubs, sporting clubs, and retail shops. Underbench fridge can be self contained (often called plugins) or have a remote condensing unit. Units with a remote condensing unit installed remotely to the underbench fridge are connected by 2 pipes a bit like a split air conditioner.

SRA are the underbench fridge experts. We repair brands like Skope, Berjaya, Orford, Pinakis, and Williams. The single most common fault is a gas leak which we are experts in repairing.

Our service vans are stocked with all the fan motors, compressors, and other widgets to get your underbench fridge fixed fast. Call today for same day service.

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