Chest Freezer Perth

Chest Freezer Perth

Did you know that Chest freezers are the most cost effective freezer? Chest freezers are exceptional value - a chest freezer is often less than 1/2 the price of a vertical or upright freezer. This is because most chest freezers are very simple mechanically: they do not have a defrost system and most do not have any fans or moving parts except the compressor.

There is basically 2 types of chest freezer:

The first type are the white chest freezers with the lift up lid like the ones you would have at home. These freezers are just bigger types of domestic white goods. They are cheap and work well for many, many years but the downside is that when they break they are usually un-repairable

The second type of chest freezers are the commercial types. These chest freezers are a type of display freezers and common brands are Arneg and Costan. These freezers are usually found in small supermarkets, delis, and convenience stores. These freezers are open displays, they dont have a lid or cover and they have a special air curtain system to keep the cold air inside the freezer. When these freezers break our expert fridge mechanics can easily repair them. Our service vehicles we have the common parts like fans, gas, filters and tx valves. Other specific parts like compressors and defrost heaters are usually available from our regular commercial refrigeration suppliers.

SRA is the Chest freezer repair experts. We offer free phone support, call today to speak with an expert fridge mechanic about your chest freezer issue. Our experts will advise you quickly and honestly if your freezer is able to be repaired.

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