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SRA are the Commercial Refrigeration Experts in Perth. Did you know that all modern refrigeration equipment uses the vapor compression cycle? And the first ever vapor compression refrigerator was developed and built right here in Australia in 1861? SRA Commercial Refrigeration hasn't been around quite that long but we are the experts in commercial refrigeration.

We design new refrigeration systems, we install refrigeration systems here in Perth, and we also service and maintain commercial refrigeration. Our team of refrigeration mechanics are experts in all areas of commercial refrigeration design, installation, service, and maintenance.

Coolrooms Custom made to all shapes and sizes: we are the coolroom repair experts
Refrigeration Mechanic Did you know that it takes four years to train a refrigeration mechanic?
Ice Machines Used to make ice - except when they break and then they are used to frustrate fridge mechanics
2 Door Fridges The standard fridge used in almost every business. Did I mention we know these inside and out?
Drinks fridges Probably best described as a type of 2 door fridge that specifically displays cold drinks for retail sale.
Display fridges Used in retail outlets to display produce for sale, but what happens when they break? Call SRA of course!
Coldplates Funny name isn't it? You will find coldplates in butcher shops where they are used to display produce that requires high ambient humidity so that it doesn't dry out.
Underbench Fridges The work horse of any commercial kitchen, just ask any chef! These fridges have to work very hard - just like SRA.
Beer Chillers Sometimes called super chillers or 'temperites'. There isn't a pub or tavern that doesn't use a beer chiller, and YES, we fix them when they break.
Vending Machines Who hasn't dropped a couple of coins in to get a cold drink? But who fixes them when they break? SRA Commercial Refrigeration.

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Office hours: 8am to 5pm.

After hours breakdown service *

A.B.N. 35 093 316 351

Refrigerant Licence - AU03060

We don't repair house fridges
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