Refrigeration Mechanic

Refrigeration Mechanic

Do you know the name of your refrigeration mechanic? There are lots of new refrigeration mechanics in Perth and finding the right one for your business can be very much “a needle in a haystack” situation. The slowing down of the mining industry has seen a lot of tradesman return to the Perth workforce and has also sprouted many new one-man refrigeration businesses. This has generated a lot of competition in the industry but it has also shown that a lot refrigeration mechanics do not have the customer as a priority.

At SRA we have personally seen some of this quality of work and we are also being called to many jobs where another mechanic has attended prior to us. The main problem we are finding is very temporary repairs being performed which is usually just enough to get the fridge working again (barely) and then the mechanic taking payment and disappearing. At SRA we operate differently, the customer always comes first.

When you call us for your commercial refrigeration repairs we take you and the problems you’ve got very seriously. We will listen to you when you tell us what has been happening with the fridge. We will listen to you when you say if you want to know the repair price first and we will listen to you when you have any questions or concerns. Our fridge mechanics are all trained in commercial refrigeration and have a wealth of knowledge between them. When you call SRA you won’t speak to a receptionist or admin worker, you will speak to a refrigeration mechanic, Our service manager takes all the calls so that you get the best possible service right from when you pick up the phone right through to the completion of the job. At SRA customer satisfaction is always the priority.


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