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Is your Coolroom the lifeline of your business? At SRA we understand that without your coolroom the business cannot operate. Coolrooms are a great item because you can fit so much into them, but at the same time a broken coolroom can rapidly become a catastrophic problem. Fresh and perishable food varieties will not last long when not refrigerated correctly.

Did you know that meat and dairy products that are not kept below 5 degrees celsius at all times are at risk of spoilage and poisonous bacteria growth? If these foods are above 5 degrees celsius for more than 5 hours they must be disposed of and not used in any food preparation, not a lot of time is it?

Thats why at SRA we guarantee a same day service for your coolroom repairs because we understand that businesses rely on their coolroom more than anything else, and you should rely on SRA Refrigeration for expert coolroom service and sales. P.s. If your coolroom breaks down in the middle of the night don’t worry, SRA Refrigeration operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (extra charges apply).


Sales We are the coolroom experts and can guide you in the best for your needs.

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