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SRA Commercial Refrigeration understands how important your refrigeration equipment is to the operation of your business. We have over 35 years’ experience in the industry, and our technicians are highly qualified so you can trust us to provide exceptional Skope refrigeration service including installation, maintenance, and repairs.

If your refrigeration equipment stops working you should call us as soon as possible, however, it may be leaving clues that something is wrong which you shouldn’t ignore. If you see any of the following warning signs your equipment should be serviced:

  • Water is leaking out of it
  • Water is pooling inside your fridge
  • The temperature doesn’t seem cold enough
  • The freezer has a lot of frost
  • The equipment is making strange noises
  • Items in the fridge are frozen
  • Condensation is forming on the walls.

We stock many replacement parts so we can have your fridge or freezer working like new quickly.

Even if all your equipment seems to be working well, it can be cost-effective for us to provide Skope refrigeration service to keep it running at peak performance. Regular maintenance can prevent the hassle that occurs when equipment breaks and keeps your energy costs down by ensuring its efficiency.

If you own a restaurant or bar, don’t just keep your fingers crossed that your refrigeration equipment will continue to function correctly. Contact SRA Commercial Refrigeration, and our experienced technicians can provide Skope refrigeration service to so you can have confidence in your fridge and freezer.

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