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Need a Re gas? Call the Experts SRA Commercial Refrigeration - Fridges contain special gas called refrigerant and it is a common myth that fridges need to be re gassed. The refrigerant gas inside of your fridge will last forever unless you develop a gas leak in your fridge. When you get a gas leak all the refrigerant leaks out and the fridge cool work anymore. your fridge mechanic need to locate and repair the fridge gas leak before you re-gas the fridge. if you don't locate the gas leak the new gas will just leak out again (and) it is illegal under federal government laws to simple top up the gas. SRA Commercial Refrigeration attends hundreds of geas leaks a year we have developed a complex system for the detection and repair of gas leaks , but more importantly because we are commercial refrigeration experts our fridge mechanics can advise you as to the fridge regassing cost before they start work because we know some fridge are just too old or too broken to re-gas. At SRA Commercial Refrigeration we don't take short cuts , we do the hard work and repair the gas leaks EVERY TIME. if you want your commercial fridge re-gassed properly then you need to call the experts at SRA Commercial Refrigeration.


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